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Time to Learn the New Way: My First IT Internship

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During the Django Girls workshop, I talked to the owner of Deployed.pl, one of the sponsoring companies, about what they did and what possibilities they offered to junior developers. After a quick chat and viewing my portfolio on Github they offered me an internship, so I could see myself how they worked and have a try in the IT industry. The intership took almost 4 months and was divided into two distinguishable parts with an interview in the middle. Below I'm presenting briefly what I've learned and my impressions.

You GO Girl! Django Girls: a Coach's Perspective

After a few months of learning and programming at home, I applied for the Django Girls Cracow 2016 workshop, this time as a coach. I wasn't sure if my IT skills would suffice, but I was sure I owed it to other women. Participation in the workshop in 2014 left me inspired and motivated, so why not doing the same for others? I was accepted! And even more good news - I landed an IT internship afterwords with one of the sponsoring companies!

Django Girls Cracow & How It All Started

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In November 2014 I took part in the Django Girls workshop held in Cracow, Poland. It was my first encounter with programming and at the same time the most exciting and inspirational one so far. I knew nothing about programming and never heard about Django. But after participating in the one-day programming workshop, I took the bait. That's how my programming adventure started.

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