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Another Python course offered by Coursera and one of my favourite. It's fast-paced and challenging. From lesson one students build interactive applications in a browser-based programming environment. No prior programming experience is required, but if you already know the basics, you won't get bored.

About the course

"An introduction to interactive programming in Python" is a two-part course offered by the Rice University through Coursera. It takes 9 weeks to complete the course: 5 weeks for the first part and 4 weeks for the second one. There are a few enrollments in a year for each of the parts.

A full version (paid 79 USD for each part) offers a series of lively videos, a quiz, a peer-graded task and a peer review every week. If you choose the 'Audit only' option (free of charge), you will have access to all materials except graded items, i.e. tests and tasks will be accessible, but you won't be able to submit them for grading. Completing each week took me around 5-7 hours. By the end of the course when the interactive applications became more complex it took me longer.

The peer-graded task is an interactive game to code, starting from "Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock", through i.a. "Pong", "Memory", "Blackjack" to "RiceRock" - a version of the classic arcade game "Asteroids". All the games are developed in a browser-based Python environment named CodeSkulptor that was created by one of the course's instructors, Scott Rixner.


Click to watch my version of "Blackjack" on Youtube

What I have learned

The course introduced Python basics i.e. expressions, conditionals, functions, lists, dictionaries and loops in a clear and approachable way. It also helped me get used to working with more complex projects that had more lines of code than standard excercises for beginners. For example, for the first task, "Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock", I wrote around 50 lines of code; for the last one, "RiceRock", almost 400. At first it was challenging to deal with such an amount of code, but got easier and easier with each week's assignment.

The course also offers possibility of code review. To get the grade, I was asked to review tasks of at least 5 other students and received feedback on my work from others. With more complex tasks, it was helpful to see how others completed the same task in a different way.


Click to watch my version of "Asteroids" on Youtube

On the positive side

It wasn't an easy course for me, but definitely a rewarding one. What I especially like is that it helps beginners create games that are interactive, with nice graphics and music, and fun to play. It teaches Python basics and gives tools to build impressive applications.

The CodeSkulptor allows you to build content that responds to buttons, the keyboard and the mouse. It comes with a comprehensible documentation and is easy to learn and use. If you take the bait, the skills you learn here can be transferred to use e.g. PyGame.

The instructors did they best to make programming easy-to-learn and interesting. The course is really well-thought. Whenever you learn a new Python element, you immediately incorporate it into an interactive game. It's very different from standard courses for beginners where you write statements and print results in the interactive prompt. Here you write statements that are part of a bigger project.

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inflammatory breast cancer, that had already spread to
a lymph node. It was stage three.. hair extensions

wigs for women Valenti survived her injuries and said that she did not recognize the killer.

She described him as a white male in his thirties with a fair complexion, about 5 9 (1.75 tall
and weighing about 160 (73 His hair was short, dark, and curly
in a "mod style."[24] This description was repeated by Lauria's father,
who claimed to have seen a similar man sitting in a
yellow compact car parked nearby. Neighbors gave corroborating
reports to police that an unfamiliar yellow compact car had been cruising the area for hours
before the shooting.[24]. wigs for women

hair extensions We've had images of "perfect" families presented to
us for years through television and movies telling us "this is what a perfect family consists of".

There's the big beautiful home off in the suburbs somewhere and
dad drives to work every morning while mom sends the kids to school and stays
home making cupcakes all day. There are never any mishaps,
no one gets tired or frustrated, and everything just goes smoothly 100 percent of the time.
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hair extensions After this period the company then became
a commercial printing firm and moved to north Belfast to
their present site on the Limestone Road. The company currently specializes in lithographic and digital
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Highly successful in recent years, the company
was listed in "Deloitte's Fast 50". hair extensions

clip in extensions Boats/planes/ATV/cars which all have mounted weapons.
Then there the takedowns. See how your complaint was more than easily refuted
with Logic?Yeah the axe in Witcher which is extremely limited?
You can apply oils, you can hit more than one enemy, you can execute enemies
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wigs online The Know Nothings believed a "Romanist" conspiracy was afoot to subvert civil and religious liberty in the United States and sought to politically organize native born Protestants in the defense of traditional religious and political values.
It is remembered for this theme because of fears by Protestants that Catholic priests and bishops would control a large bloc of voters.
In most places, Know Nothingism lasted only a year or two before disintegrating because of weak local leaders, few publicly declared
national leaders and a deep split over the issue of slavery.
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hair extensions During a typical wash cycle, only a small amount of water is splashed
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human hair wigs Alopecia areata, also known as spot baldness,
is an autoimmune disease in which hair is lost from some or all
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within a year. A very small percentage of cases spread to
the entire scalp (alopecia totalis) or to the entire skin (alopecia universalis).Cortisol injections or creamsBecome a Redditorand subscribe to one of thousands of communities.9I
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costume wigs He encounters Shockeye in the kitchen, and the
Androgum wounds him with a knife. Shockeye pursues
him through the grounds. The Doctor ambushes Shockeye, covering his head with Oscar's butterfly net and
pressing the cyanide soaked cotton wool to his face, killing him..
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lace front wigs My daughter, who will be 3 next month, started talking about getting a bike from Santa
the day after Christmas LAST year! All year long, when we
asked her what she wanted for Christmas, we got the
answer, BICYCLE! Needless to say, there is a fully assembled, tiny little 12 inch bike hiding upstairs.

I doubt she can even ride it, even with the training wheels.
Luckily I got it for $29 at Walmart at midnight on Black
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Very helpful ideas. As a mom of all boys clothing was jeans and a clean tee shirt.
Now we have one son working at AMF and a granddaughter.
Pee wee's Playhouse was really chaotic. They'd send me the tape from New York on Tuesday.

I'd watch it Tuesday night

Felicia says:
Jan. 17, 2020, 2:21 p.m.

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Cole released the third and final single from the album, "Trust", a duet with
Monica, on May 5, 2009, which reached number five on the Billboard Hot R Songs chart.
To promote the album and single, Cole embarked on her first headlining tour,
A Different Me Tour in summer 2009. Throughout this time, Cole was featured as the cover artist on several magazines such as the March 2009 issue of Vibe, WordUp!, the Summer 2009 final
double cover issue of King, and the June issue of Sister 2 Sister with her mother Yvonne Cole.

wigs for women Mona Shand is the mother of three kids and the Michigan correspondent for Public News
Service. A veteran broadcast journalist, she has worked in TV,
radio, print, and online, and her blog on family matters has been featured in various
national publications. Read more on her Mona Shand blog, or follow her on Facebook..
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cheap wigs human hair That was a major part of what made this season so exciting.
Josh Charles leaving The Good Wife ensured that
there won't be any more Will Alicia storylines, and that fine because at least we not forced to suffer awkward plots that we don want to
see: like, "Josh Charles guest stars on a new episode of The Good Wife, when Will visits Chicago after living as a monk in Nepal for two years!" I think he had to die
in order to make this departure stick, as it were.
As for moving forward, it seems clear to me that a merger could be
in the cards (a re merger?) and that Alicia and Diane will
perhaps make peace. cheap wigs human hair

Lace Wigs I will share my recipe for successful henna hair dying.

Please remember that you cannot use henna on hair with other chemical treatments.
That means no permanent waive or straightening or other coloring agents.
The freeway continues with exits for George Street, Rutgers (for access to
the College Avenue Campus) and Easton Avenue before exiting New
Brunswick on the John A. Lynch, Sr. Memorial Bridge over the Raritan River.[3].
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wigs for women The prologue was completely cut

Venus says:
Jan. 17, 2020, 8:36 p.m.

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Enough to satisfy just about anyone's preference:
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The scenes range from soft and romantic to energetic
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A seventh death in Prince George's. Man who was fatally shot
on Thursday, is the seventh person to be killed in Prince George's County
since the beginning of the new year. While law enforcement officials maintain the killings
are targeted, that the victims likely knew their assailants and several
of the incidents are believed to be drug related, the slayings have unnerved residents in Prince George's.

horse dildo I think this happens because we like guys who are creative
and romantic and charming and who share some common ground with
us and someone who will listen to us talk and
someone we can really just be ourselves with. But then again, thats just my
guess, but i know how it is, none the less. You seem pretty cool.
I have a co worker stuck in Karachi who was visiting his ill mother when his visa
expired. After nearly 6 months and $25K in legal fees it looks like
he will be coming back to DC, but it was an amazing goat rodeo
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wholesale sex toys I am female, from chicago, and don have any problem with
it. I used to do it often in high school. I don know why
actually. About your ex gf. If she broke up with you just
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she didn't really care about your feelings and was only interested in sex.
Sorry for being so direct, i apologise if i offended you or anyone with this post.
Of course, people have to be smart enough to look at what facts they can and
make their own decision. I don think we need to hold off on having thoughts about it until (or if) there is a prosecution for cripes sake.
Only the jurors are obligated not to pre judge.
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horse dildo I whispered those words to my spouse as we languished in my in laws timeshare at the beach.
Three days of lousy weather had kept us locked into a two
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man is erased: fat and bearded with a matted rat's nest of
dreadlocks, disheveled and ranting, Phoenix is at the center of this elaborate hoax, one so
poker faced that it caused epic confusion in the entertainment press as it was being shot.

It reaches its peak with the infamous David Letterman interview with ''Joaquin,'' ostensibly there to promote ''Two Lovers'': sullen, mumbling,
chewing gum, refusing to remove his sunglasses, barely interacting with Dave the audience tittering uncomfortably and
then lashing out at him. dildos

fleshlight Who are they to want to take away that
choice from her?Of course it'd be great if unplanned pregnancies
just didn't happen, if everyone had the financial and emotional and support and
the everything else that makes you think you're ready to have a baby.
But that doesn't happen. Condoms break, the pill
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If you're not asking for any STI screenings, a general genital exam should involve a doctor doing
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strap on My sister asked what was wrong with
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And what's more, bisexuals and homosexuals are
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Something in my mind keeps telling me I'm fat.
Perhaps my weight increase was healthy weight gain ( its a possibility), but I refuse to
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I also kept a diary, and for many years my writing impulses were channeled into
letters I wrote at great length and in great number, the
majority of them to my mum. Some years ago she gave the letters back,
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First and foremost, I feel like we haven been doing enough to promote actual weight loss in the sub.
It one thing to point out fatlogic, but it another thing
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Companies like It Works, Isagenix, and Beachbody have been changing lives for years
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