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Time to Learn the New Way: My First IT Internship

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During the Django Girls workshop, I talked to the owner of Deployed.pl, one of the sponsoring companies, about what they did and what possibilities they offered to junior developers. After a quick chat and viewing my portfolio on Github they offered me an internship, so I could see myself how they worked and have a try in the IT industry. The intership took almost 4 months and was divided into two distinguishable parts with an interview in the middle. Below I'm presenting briefly what I've learned and my impressions.

You GO Girl! Django Girls: a Coach's Perspective

After a few months of learning and programming at home, I applied for the Django Girls Cracow 2016 workshop, this time as a coach. I wasn't sure if my IT skills would suffice, but I was sure I owed it to other women. Participation in the workshop in 2014 left me inspired and motivated, so why not doing the same for others? I was accepted! And even more good news - I landed an IT internship afterwords with one of the sponsoring companies!

Introduction to Computer Science and Python

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Recently I've completed the MIT course "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python" offered by the edX platform and taught by Eric Grimson - a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at MIT. It teaches basic Python, but it's not a typical online programming course. It's a challenging, rigorous and pretty formal exposure to computer science, where Python seems to be taught by the way. It gives a lot of opportunities to practice and to analyse problems. It teaches how to think and act like a computer scientist. And also how to think recursively and reduce problems into smaller chunks.

Interactive Programming in Python

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Another Python course offered by Coursera and one of my favourite. It's fast-paced and challenging. From lesson one students build interactive applications in a browser-based programming environment. No prior programming experience is required, but if you already know the basics, you won't get bored.

Programming for Everybody: Python

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After the Django Girls workshop, I looked for other opportunities to learn Python. Coursera was free of charge back then, so I took some of their online courses. One of the them was "Programming for Everybody (Python)," offered by the University of Michigan. It took me around 2 hours a week for 11 weeks to complete it. I considered it time well spent for someone who had just started her adventure with programming and wanted to build a solid foundation. But I have mix feelings now after discovering that Coursera requires payment for that course. If you are thinking about enrolling for it, you may like reading my review.